Let's take "make a website" off your to-do list.. 



What kind of photos will I need?  The highest quality photos you have.  Unless they've been modified professionally, unmodified .jpg (.jpeg) or .png file photos are preferred.  I can edit and optimize photos.  If you have no photos, or yours are unusable, stock photos are an option as is hiring a professional photographer.  I can take photos if needed, but I am not a professional photographer.

I don't have a logo.  Do I need one?  A logo isn't necessary, but I can make one for you if you'd like.   

How much will my website cost?* Each site is different.  Small, single page scrolling sites start at $300 plus hosting, which runs $100-$150 per year, depending on the host service.   You'll need a domain  (free to $$$).  I can help you with this and I can help you sort out the hosting service.  (This is the service that keeps your website up on the World Wide Web).  My rate for design work is $60/hr. 

Will you teach me to update my site?   I include one hour of Squarespace instruction with every site.  I'll show you how to make simple updates to your site like adding or deleting items.  After it's launched, you can decide how much or little of my help you'd like managing the site.   My maintenance rate is $60/hr, (minimum of one hour).

Would you be willing to teach me to create a whole website?*  Yes.  My rate is $75 per hour for teaching you how to completely build a website using Squarespace.  We can spend as much time as you feel you need, but you can expect to spend at least 3 hours for a simple site.

I hear a lot about SEO.  Will you include SEO practices in my site? Yes.  Search Engine Optimization is about increasing your site's standing in a browser search.  How Google "finds" you is not a matter of accident.  I will maximize all available avenues so your standings are strong.

I already have a website.  Can I use my old domain for my new site?  Yes.  We'll rebuild your site entirely, and replace your old site using the same domain name, url,  tags and categories.  

What else will I need to do before we can get started?  If you have logos (original artwork),  branding or marketing materials and/or good photos, gather them together in a folder or two.  If you don't have these things, not even photos, no problem.  There are lots of royalty free photos available, and my iPhone takes pretty amazing photos.

*Rates are subject to change.


If your current website is outdated and unresponsive...

Consider this: 


Quickly and affordably, we can determine the requirements for your site.  I'll make sure all your photos and brand images are optimized, your copy is written and edited properly. and your hosting is up to date. I'll design a site to fit your needs, and  then we'll  launch the new face of your business.  If you'd like, I'll teach you to manage your own site.  Or not.   Some sites can be finished in as little as two days.